The Smart Wall
beyond the paywall

Monetize your audience like never before

A unique pay-per-article solution:

the Smart Wall

Nicely embedded within text articles, the Smart Wall lets the user choose between watching a video Ad or paying a small fee.

The Smart Wall drives more revenue and provides the Publishers with the real value of their contents.

New revenue streams
for News Publishers


Additional video
advertising inventory


Micropayments from
occasional readers

Real-time Yield optimization relying on behavioral analytics & Machine learning

Rewarded video advertising

Respectful & user-friendly

Ad viewing as a means of payment:
Advertisers reward readers by offering them editorial content

  • Quality video advertising
  • Opt-in video Ads
  • Outstream & VAST compliant
  • High advertising revenue

Frictionless payment:

Payment has never been so convenient

SwissPay provides News Publishers with the most convenient micropayment method relying on mobile operators. The Smart Wall allows users to pay in a few seconds for single articles.

  • Users are charged on their phone bill
  • No need to sign up, 2-Click payment
  • No credit card, no mobile App needed

Give your readers
The power to choose

The Smart Wall:
A massive opportunity

Easily pluggable

Immediately profitable

  • Convert free content into paid news article in less than 30 minutes
  • Plug the Smart Wall as a means of payment into your existing paywall

“A great user experience that ensures
revenue from advertising, or payment

Caroline Roch,
Head of Digital Marketing at Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland