The SmartWall
beyond the paywall

Actionable marketing insights that drive engagement

Grow your paying audience and profits,

drive more engagement

The SmartWall provides publishers with a conversion optimization platform. It gives marketing insights and tools to better understand and monetize their audience.

The SmartWall enables users to pay for single articles, a batch of articles, a timed pass or for a subscription.

We move all types of publishers

beyond traditional models

  • Frictionless payments and more users’ engagement
  • High quality advertising and more ad revenue
  • Smart solutions to address the Ad Blocking issue

We created the SmartWall

for readers and publishers

We bring a bold new effort to bring publishers closer to their potential readers. The SmartWall matchs with the new patterns of digital consumption.

  • In line with volatile consumers who have adopted ”on-demand” behaviours
  • Gives access immediately to paid content
  • Newer kind of advertising engagement

Give your readers
the power of choice

Frictionless payments,

payment has never been so convenient

SwissPay provides News Publishers with the most convenient micropayment methods relying on mobile operators (DCB) as well as with leading payment providers.

  • Only 2 clicks and direct access
  • Direct carrier billing technology, PayPal etc.
  • No sign-up, no username and password
  • Available in more than 150 countries

Ad Blocking leads to dialogue

Engage dialogue with ad-blocker users and give them alternatives. Offer compensation choices to monetize your ad-blocking audience efficiently.

  • Increase ad blockers deactivations on your site
  • Generate additional payments from users who are not willing to deactivate
  • Detect, measure, test & analyse

Video InWall advertising

Respectful & user-friendly

Attention is one of the most valuable assets. We offer users an explicit exchange of attention for content value. Video advertising becomes a convenient way to pay.

  • Opt-in engagement & quality Advertising
  • Advertising relevance
  • High CPMs & more revenue for the publisher
  • Outstream & VAST compliant

SmartWall is dynamic, it allows publishers
to better understand & monetize their audience

Easily pluggable

Immediately profitable

Start monetizing in minutes, choose your integration:

  • SmartWall can integrate your existing paywall and allows its full optimization
  • SmartWall can be used as an additional payment method within an existing paywall
  • SmartWall can be used as a standalone paywall and seamlessly switch free content into paid content

We provide publishers with
highly efficient solutions