Our project
reinvent the way to consume news media

At Swisspay.ch, we love the media world.
We intend to reconcile the media users with the paid contents by offering them, through the Smart Wall, a simple shortcut way to pay for single articles.

We believe that to offer the best user’s experience and to closely fit the latest consumer patterns is the way to restore the legitimate value of the media contents.

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We are the inventor of the Smart Wall. The Smart Wall is meant to offer the news publishers an optimized solution to monetize their contents: contents paid for through mobile phone operators or through advertising exposure.

The Smart Wall allows publishers to sell articles by the unit, on their website or their mobile applications. The Smart Wall technology is based on the Machine Learning concept, behavioral analysis and the reading context in order to instantly select the best suited advertising and the proper price for the article.
The conversion rates observed on the Smart Wall are from 50 to 100 times higher than those observed on usual paywalls. And the revenue for 1000 pages up to 50 times higher than any other advertisement device or other payment methods.

Innovative monetization
Frictionless payment

With our payment solution through mobile operator or advertising exposure, we bring payment experience up to a level unreached so far.

Quality advertising
Respectful and convenient

By giving the choice between payment and advertising, the reader regains power. Advertising gets improved acceptance and ad exposure becomes a form of payment.


SwissPay.ch is an AdTech and a FinTech company incorporated in Lausanne in August 2015.

Our goal is to to change the way to finance the production of editorial contents, bringing up to date on the web the historical model of the printed press, through advertising and paying readers.

We want to offer to readers real alternatives well in line with their present day consumption patterns : their ability to pay in 2 clicks without further commitment, or to be allowed to exchange their time and attention into a means of payment.

We are committed to bring at all times the best up to date payment technology and the best outstream advertising.
We bring together into a virtuous cycle the News publishers, the brands and the readers, in order to ensure the stable, long term financing of a major resource for the formation of public opinion.

Since our creation, we have enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome from readers, publishers, brands and our investors.


SwissPay.ch received initial funding in the summer 2015 from Virtual Network SA, and has since been privileged to attract the support of great technology and media investors.