Inventing the new way
to consume contents

Smart monetization solution for Publishers

Be part of the Story

Reach an audience wilfully engaged

Payment has never been so convenient

No need to sign up anywhere, no credit card...

Mobile Payment
anywhere from anyone

Accept payments from millions of mobile customers worldwide

The Smart Wall: new revenue streams

for News Publishers

The Smart Wall is an innovative and unique monetization solution located within the editorial content. It runs across all devices.

  • Opens a new advertising inventory
  • Monetizes traffic through a complete pay-per-article solution

The most user-friendly
monetization solution:

combines video Advertising
with a frictionless Payment option

A groundbreaking & native

video Advertising solution

Through the Smart Wall, brands display click-to-play video ads within editorial environments and reward readers with free access to Premium contents.

Give your customers the
instant payment experience,

Adopt Direct Carrier Billing
and be paid in 1 click

The most intuitive payment method

Easy, quick and pleasant

Customers only need a mobile phone number to make the payment. They are charged directly on their phone bill or prepaid SIM card. can be easily added as an extra payment method in order to take more payments.

Start accepting payments up to CHF 300.- on your Swiss eCommerce website or mobile App.

We bring Direct Carrier Billing everywhere

Turn any device into a cash register allows fast purchases on any device, any screen and even on offline media.

Accept one-time payment or recurring billing for digital & physical goods up to 50 € and reach 800 million people in more than 30 countries.

And more than 60 mobile operators worldwide